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Wardrobes are a functional and aesthetic part of a room.  At The Kitchen Mob, we are experienced in making wardrobes of all types and sizes. Whether you want a wall-to-wall wardrobe for your bedroom or a wooden wardrobe that has mirrors, at the Kitchen Mob you will not have to worry about getting the extra storage that every home needs.

Wardrobes are of many types. We will help you select one that is ideal for the space that you have in your room, and what your storage requirements are.  Here are some of the wardrobes that we have worked on over our years of experience. You can quickly go through the details to see which one is the most suitable for you.

Wooden wardrobes for adults

Adult wardrobes with space for hanging long dresses, pants, and coats, along with closet solutions for accessories and shoes are our speciality. Whether you want a regular wardrobe, or one that is an exclusive walk-in closet – the stuff of magazines, we can build it for you. However, we make sure that we give you our expert advice before you make the decision. After all, wardrobes aren’t built every day! Changes take time and we make sure to give you some flexibility within the space for your evolving storage and closet space needs.

Wardrobes for kids

Wardrobes for kids should be sweet, charming, colourful, and whimsical. Yet, practicality is very important, and you should make sure that there is ample space for toys, clothes, accessories and anything else that your child needs. Easy-to-open drawers and doors as well as convenient access spaces are what you need.

Multipurpose Wardrobes

Multipurpose wardrobes are a brilliant idea for you to save space and get a lot of utility. You can design a wardrobe that functions as a closet and also has a folding shelf that can be used for multiple purposes and for times when you need benchtops to work on for your crafts, or for temporarily working. The best part is, the folding table can be easily stowed away and your room never has to look messy.

Wardrobes for your kitchen and office space

You might be wondering what a wardrobe will be used for in your kitchen or office space, but at The Kitchen Mob, we have seen some amazing uses that wardrobes have in your kitchen and office. The kitchen wardrobe can be used to hand aprons, store gloves, and keep all your chef hats in place. What is more, a broom closet can work wonders to hide all the different wipers, brooms, and mops that you use for cleaning.

In an office space, you can use a wardrobe to hang an extra set of clothes, store your valuables, and also keep your laptop and other valuables away after use. So what are you waiting for, call us today to understand how to get a brilliant wardrobe designed that will make your space look organized and give you ample room for storage.

Space-saving wardrobes

You can never get enough storage space for your items. Ornaments, dishes, clothes, blankets, kids’ stuff everything needs space. But what to do when you don’t have enough room in your home?

The only thing that smart people do: build space-saving wardrobes. A space-saving wardrobe is a brilliant idea especially as it lends a lot of storage space and also because it can hide away all the items making your space look tidy and uncluttered.

Want The Kitchen Mob to give you a brilliant tip? Get wall-to-wall, top-to-floor units built with doors in the same color as the walls. Light colors are preferred. Doing this will open up the look of your space and it will look brighter without feeling cluttered.

Give us a call if any of these wardrobe ideas inspired you for the room that has been an eyesore, or if you are looking to add some storage space. We would love to discuss this with you!