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Walk In Pantries

Walk In Pantries

Designing a kitchen is a dynamic process. A kitchen is th

Walk-in pantries are a space made in heaven. Everything is within arm’s reach, nothing rots because nothing misses your eye, and everything is organized as neatly as a button. Sounds like a dream – it is, but one that The Kitchen Mob Team will help you achieve.

You no longer have to let out a wistful sigh every time you see a magazine with a colour-coded walk-in pantry – we can help you build it, even if you have a small space.

The Kitchen Mob team has oodles of experience when it comes to walk-in Pantries. Our secret when it comes to walk-in-pantries is that we observe your lifestyle and habits, have a detailed discussion with you, and then suggest designs for pantries that will best suit your needs.

Choose from a range of slimline or deep shelving options, pull-out drawers, benchtops, and hanging spaces. Everything you need will fit in and not spill out to any other area. Here are some designs that we have worked on, although, we are open to working with some creative and novel ideas as well.

Walk-in Pantry on Display

One of the topmost considerations is whether your pantry is open to display or if it is more of a closed space. An open display pantry would require more elaborate material and display items as compared to a closed pantry that is functional and is not accessible to guests or visitors.

For a walk-in Pantry that is on display, it is important to have open shelving as well as enclosed spaces that do not let others peek into items that are not easy to organize. Items such as everyday pots, pans, and rags are better stored in closed areas. On the other hand, fancy crockery and chic mugs can serve as ornaments and can look lovely when put on display.

At The Kitchen Mob, we make sure that all the items are within view and within reach to make things easier for you. This is why, keeping everything in mind, including your budget and time frame we will design walk-in pantries that look interesting and neat, without taking away any functionality.

Walk-in Pantry – Closed space

For a closed space we can experiment with more drawers and fewer showcases to keep things easy to reach and clean. A closed space requires less maintenance and we will also choose materials that are within budget and help you reach and access everything you need. Benchtops are important for enclosed pantries as well because you need space to get everything together before you take it out. Moreover, no one is ever satisfied with benchtop space so we make sure you have ample room to move around and do the things you plan.

e heart of your home, and as your needs change, so do your needs for space.

At The Kitchen Mob, we are experts are new designs and kitchen builds that keep all your evolving needs in mind. Whether you are planning a family or are a part of a household with ever-changing culinary preferences, we will design a cozy kitchen with the following:

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Optimal use of Space