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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are romantic, fun, and entertaining, and can be the perfect way for you to spend time at home with loved ones.

With the right planning, you too can turn your lanai or any small space in your garden into a space that can function as a kitchen.

The Kitchen Mob team has built some lovely outdoor kitchens with well-thought outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances and other essentials that can make your property look unique and also be the source of great memories for you and your loved ones.

Our functional kitchens include indoor and outdoor combinations that can make it easy for you to maintain your outdoor kitchen in all kinds of weather.

Here are some items that you can read about to get inspired for your beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Gravel pit

A gravel pit is a must-have, not only because it gives the landscape a rustic and natural appearance, but also due to it being a safe area to have a barbeque or a bonfire. Whether you want to use it to light charcoal or fire a bowl to heat marshmallows, a gravel pit is a nice addition that does not require much cleaning.

Water taps

Water taps: Water taps are a must because there is not much that you can do without water in a kitchen. You need water to cook, clean, and wash. The Kitchen Mob makes sure to design outdoor kitchens in a way that you don’t need to take any mess inside the home.


Location of the outdoor kitchen: it is always better to make sure to have an outdoor kitchen that is close to the kitchen indoors. This is because you will have to take to cook outside. Going back and forth over a long distance can be tiring and also mess up your home. The Kitchen Mob team looks at the proximity of the kitchen before we begin to design.


Material for the outdoor kitchen workspace: You might like concrete and marble benchtops in kitchens, but for the outdoors, you must use durable materials that will not spoil in different weather and with exposure to moisture and heat. One of the most durable materials, in this case, is stainless steel because it is easy to clean, and is hygienic and tidy as far as the cooking space is concerned.

Easily moveable furniture and accessories: furniture should be light and easy to move because in case there is a thunderstorm, a sandstorm or if you are planning to stay away from home for some time, you can quickly and easily move things to a closed storage space.

Outdoor kitchens are lovely if you have the space and are fond of entertaining. You can enjoy the outdoors fully and relish some delicious food while sitting under the open sky.

If you are looking for a contractor to help build an outdoor kitchen, call The Kitchen Mob to discuss some brilliantly creative ideas that can work for your home.