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The laundry room is a basic necessity for any home, but at the same time, it can look messy if it is not designed correctly.

At The Kitchen Mob, we know what messy spaces do to the overall look of your home. Worse, a home without a dedicated space for laundry can be cluttered with clothes lying helter-skelter. We have some great ideas for a laundry space for your home, and we’ll work with you to design a space that maintains your space’s aesthetics and give

 Include the following:

Spacious laundry rooms: if you have sufficient space for a laundry room, we will make sure that the space is perfectly utilised. We will add shelves, baskets, wardrobes and an ironing stand that will serve all your family’s needs seamlessly. Whether you want a simple functional room, or a space that makes doing laundry fun.

Closet laundry rooms: These have proved ideal for small spaces where you don’t have enough room to make an official laundry room. We choose a niche or a corner in your room that has plumbing to install pipes for water and drainage of the water. We then enclose that niche as a closet with doors that stretch from the roof to the floor. You find your washing machine, dryer, and iron when you open these doors. There are extendable shelves that serve as a benchtop and ironing board. This closet has a door that works as an ironing board or a benchtop where you can put your clothes and baskets. Moreover, the space can house laundry items and baskets, letting you work with ease.

The best part about this laundry room is that it can be closed, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it organised at all times. The mess can easily be hidden simply by closing the doors.                               

Some novel ideas for your laundry:

Add an office space to your laundry: add a benchtop, some shelves and a chair to your laundry space. This way, you will not lose any time working while you wait for the laundry to get done.

Moreover, there is no way you will forget about the washed clothes in the machine waiting for you. Home chores and office tasks, both managed well together; what more do you need?

The Kitchen Mob Team loved working on some of the laundry room spaces for our creatively inclined customers. We make sure that our creativity is unmatched for all projects we undertake.

Decorate your laundry room shelves: there are hundreds of accessories and frames available in the market. You can take a shelf or two and put up ornaments and quirky frames that make your laundry space fun.

Add bold tiles: bold tiles add some much-needed colour and pop to the space. Ask us, we have jazzed up quite a few laundry spaces; are you ready to spice up yours?