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Cabinet Making

Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is as much of an art as it is a science. Cabinets are needed for storage, as well as for showcasing items to add to the aesthetics of the space.

We are experts at cabinet making regalrdless of the style or design you would want. Here are some of the cabinet making designs that we can do for you.

  • Minimalist Designs
  • Two-tone designs with top shelves in a color different to the bottom ones
  • Cabinets with pull-out organizers
  • Strategically lit cabinets
  • Wall-to-wall cabinetry
  • Ceiling to floor cabinets
  • Cabinets with galss shelving interspersed for the fancy china
  • Rustic Farmhouse looks
  • Decorative shelving with funky back splashes
  • Cabinets with permenant and fixed storage solutions
  • Full glass cabinets, and much more!


The Team

The team at The Kitchen Mob works seamlessly to ensure that the work is done on time, is of great quality and is delivered as was planned. We try to mix glass fronts with hard wood or metal doors in cabinets so that you can have hidden and open storage options that blend well with the look of your overall space.

Moreover, the team also knows how to make cabinets that enhance the look of the space. after all in kitchens, pantries and store rooms, cabinets are the only feature that is highly visible.

We also make sure to give you easy to maintain, beautiful benchtops that make you want to work and give you ease of movement.

The Process

The process of ordering and getting the cabinets you want is really easy at The Kitchen Mob. After you call and a team member visits to understand your requirements, we sit down as a team and try to chalk out options that will best fit your needs. You can order standardised cabinets from us in the colour and material of your choice. This option saves the hassle of cabinet making on site, so that you don’t have to deal with any mess.

Another option is that you want to have the cabinets fixed to the walls and made to measure within the niche itself. In that case our team will visit you and make the whole cabinet on site. While you might have to look at the mess, we assure you that our team will clean up the site and make minimal disruptions to your regular routine.

Once the decision is made, we share timelines, budget approximations, and a contact person from the team so that you can stay updated on the status.

Once the work is completed, you can check everything to your satisfaction, and viola! You have some lovely looking cabinets for use ready.

Contact The Kitchen Mob, if you are looking for some quick and efficient solutions for storage that don’t cost an arm and a leg.