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Butler Pantries

Butler Pantries

You may not have a butler, but a butler pantry is a must-have for any modern home. At The Kitchen Mob, we love building chic butler pantries that can add oomph to a home.

What is a butler pantry?

A butler pantry, for those new to the idea, is a space that transitions between the kitchen and dining area. Historically, butler pantries have been used as storage spaces for fine china and heirlooms, but modern homes have these spaces designed for food staging, for use as coffee bars, and also as miniature wine cellars.

Why have a butler’s pantry?

Extra space is always welcome in a home, but how it’s designed and used makes a lot of difference to how much utility you can get from space. Imagine the workings in a regular kitchen – benchtops messy with flour, oil, and splashes from a host of other edible items. It is no wonder that you would have longed for some more space to assemble your dishes properly or for some space to keep your heritage china safe.

Butler Pantry Ideas – Get inspired

Here are some amazing butler’s pantry ideas that can amp up the look of your space and have your friends and family in awe of how organized you are and how brilliant your plating looks.

Slimline Shelving

One of the best ideas is to have a slimline open-shelving plan with each of the shelves being 1 to 3 cm wide. Install these shelves above the benchtop at different heights according to the items you have or plan on having. Slimline shelving allows you to be able to immediately see what you have and where you can access it. These shelves are easy to keep uncluttered and prevent items from getting lost behind each other.

Mix of Things

Another brilliant idea that we have worked on for an aesthetic-looking butler pantry is to have a mix of open and closed storage. Some open shelving, a few cabinets and drawers, and glass showcases put nicely can help you get the storage solutions that you always wanted for your kitchen. This butler pantry allows you to keep everything handy, while also keeping delicate items safe and on display.

If you plan it well, you will love being in your butler pantry every single day.

The narrower the better

Because the main function of a butler pantry is food prep, bench space is integral to its functioning well. The experts at The Kitchen Mob recommend having a narrow butler pantry so that you don’t have to move a lot to get the things that you need. All you need is to bend, extend, twist or turn, and the item you need is there. While we will build the space for you, we will also make sure that it is intuitively designed and ergonomically done.

Power points

One of the most useful and yet the most overlooked items in a kitchen design is power points. You need to have ample power points to make sure that all your appliances can be used conveniently and without having to stretch wires and prepare food on congested benchtops. A butler’s pantry needs to have even more power points than a regular kitchen because that is where the appliances are used. At the Kitchen Mob, our design team will make sure that nothing interrupts your workflow and your creative process to prepare food.

Call us at The Kitchen Mob today to discuss your needs in detail and let us help you get the best space for cooking and storage you ever had.